From Flu to MVP: How Alabama's Josh Jacobs Overcame


Unless you were under rock, you know there was a football game in Atlanta, GA last weekend. Regardless of which side you were on it was a great game full of grit, determination, rivalry, and for Alabama’s MVP, Josh Jacobs, it included multiple IV Therapies. According to

Jacobs was sick enough that he had not eaten since 6 p.m. Friday when he forced down a bowl of soup.

On an empty stomach, he ran for 83 yards on eight attempts and two touchdowns. The only source of nourishment, Jacobs said, came in the form of IVs. He got fluids before the game and at halftime.

He didn’t practice Thursday and didn’t look healthy Friday at the team’s walk through. Before getting to the stadium Friday, Jacobs tweeted about having flu-like symptoms.

“I was just aching,” Jacobs said. “Nose runny, everything. Throat. Couldn’t drink any fluids. It was just a lot.”

He got a few IVs Friday before the two Saturday. The symptoms began Tuesday but by game time, he was ready.

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  • Reduces Stress

  • Faster Recovery

  • Destroys Toxins

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