Say goodbye to acne, dull skin, and wrinkles.

Meet Plason - a brand new, FDA-registered treatment that uses state-of-art plasma technology to target skin imperfections including cystic acne. No needles, no pain, no downtime— just instantly smoother, brighter, and younger-looking skin.

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According to a clinical study doctors found:

27% improvement in acne

25% reduce excess sebum production

14% improvement in epidermis thickness

How it works?

First, advanced plasma technology destroys problem-causing bacteria and sterilizes the skin without damaging surrounding tissue. Once fresh new skin cells are revealed, the sonoporation (stable ultrasound) increases cell absorption, while preventing future damage.

The result: smooth skin from every angle.

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PLason Serum Facials

Pricing & Packages

6 SESSIONS: $720 ($120/session)
12 SESSIONS: $1,200 ($100/session)

A powerful natural facial for beautiful skin.


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