Uncover the future of non-invasive fat reduction

Have you ever dreamed of reshaping your body but don’t want to undergo a surgical procedure? There’s a cooler way to slim down. Introducing Cryoskin - a pain-free way to slim down trouble areas.

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Tone, flatten and tighten stubborn areas

Tone, flatten and tighten stubborn areas

When diet and exercise can’t give you the body you desire, Cyoskin can help. Our state-of-art procedure cools subcutaneous fat areas, improving microcirculation and metabolism. The result? Average fat loss of 38% in just 5 sessions.

Say goodbye to orange-peel skin

Say goodbye to orange-peel skin

Side-eyeing the dimples on your thighs and belly? You're in good company: about 90% of women have it. But here’s the good news: Cyrotonning can break down cellulite, so you can enjoy smooth, dimple-free skin.

Freeze away your wrinkles

Freeze away your wrinkles

Finally, a natural, non-invasive way to look and feel younger. Cryo Skin facial boosts collagen production while improving elasticity, shrinking pores, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Simple, yet effective

Cryoskin utilizes cooling and heating technology to freeze and destroy fat cells. The sub-zero temperatures reduce fat, increase blood circulation, and boost collagen production.

Here’s why everyone loves Cryoskin

Not all fat loss treatments are equal

Unlike other body sculpting procedures, Cryoskin has all the fat loss benefits minus the harsh side effects or pain. In fact, 88% of the patients found the treatment to be comfortable, even relaxing.

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Facials, Slimming, or Toning

Pricing & Packages

3 SESSIONS: $825 ($275/session)
5 SESSIONS: $1200 ($240/session)
10 SESSIONS: $2100 ($210/session)

UNlimited slimming, toning, & Facials

The VIP Treatment

UNLIMITED: $3200 | 8 Week Duration from Purchase

Look and feel incredible in your own skin.

Sparrow is your one-stop-shop for non-invasive body treatments, aging symptoms, and cellulite reduction with a highly trained, professional staff and highest standard equipment.

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