Becoming harder to find

Having a hard time feeling heard?

Has medical dogma, closed-mindedness, or you doing what you feel is right for you and your family left you turned away? Sadly, this is becoming a common theme. More and more people are having to search for a new doctor simply because they won't submit to whatever the doctor asks whether they like it or not. At Sparrow, we will share what we believe is right, but we won't turn you away for making the decision you feel is right and best for you. In fact, by combining multiple approaches, we aim to give you options.

How does it work?

Call or request your appointment online in the patient portal or the form below. We will then send you new patient paperwork to review prior to your appointment. Upon your appointment, a plan will be determined on next steps. Please note insurance does not cover our practice except for most labs. We are able to accept FSA/HSA.

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Dr. David Calderwood, MD & Wesley Winebrenner, PA-C

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