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Do more than avoid.

The gut is being shown to be intricately connected to multiple health conditions. We believe gut health is very important for us all to focus on regardless due to the nature of its job and relation to our health. At Sparrow, we strive to offer you more than just avoidance. Avoidance may be necessary for a time in order to heal but is not the ideal strategy long term in our opinion. Our goal is to look at your lifestyle, diet, tests, triggers, and more to better understand where you gut is and how it got there. From that understanding we aim to provide a custom plan toward health and resiliency.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)

Leaky gut

Heartburn & Acid Reflux

Constipation & Diarrhea

Food Intolerances

Chronic Bloating & Gas

Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn's

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We look at the whole-body

We look at the whole-body

We analyze your history, medications, reactions, diet, and lifestyle to gain a deeper & more complete understanding.

Custom Testing Panels

Custom Testing Panels

Our physicians and staff may suggest a combination of custom panels built for you including gut health, biomarkers, & sensitivities.

more than just a pill

more than just a pill

Lifestyles influence flare ups and reactions. For best success, health plans should be approachable and manageable for longevity.

Be the best version of you

At Sparrow, we love helping clients get back to living the life they deserve. Our goal is to provide top-notch specialized services to each and every one of our patients.

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