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Changes to BioScans in 2024

Changes to BioScans in 2024

BioScan Changes Starting August 1, 2024 We are making some important updates to our BioScans to enhance your experience and care. Starting August 1...

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The healing power of your own stem cells.

Sparrow has specific IRB (International Review Board) Protocols for the investigational use of Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSC's) for clinical research and deployment involving many conditions such as autoimmune, cardiac/pulmonary, orthopedics, neurological, and more... Stem cells could be a non-invasive alternative or complementary therapy with no downtime.

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Get to the root.

Experience Sparrow's revolutionary BioScans, an integral part of our natural-first approach to wellness. Using a simple hair sample, our BioScans provide in-depth insights into your body's unique health needs. During a comprehensive appointment, a Sparrow provider will explain your results in detail, offering a personalized health and supplementation plan tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you're looking for a routine wellness check or guidance on navigating our range of services, our BioScans can help you get to the root of your health.

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Giving back.

We believe giving is important. We have partnered with The Rogers Siskey Legacy Foundation to provide stem cell therapies to those in need. Since March 2018, funds have been raised for several individuals, ages 13-60+, to receive potential life-changing treatments.


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