Changes to BioScans in 2023

Price Increase Starting January 31, 2023

Price increases are never fun for anyone. Despite increases in costs, supply issues, increased demand and more, we have tried our best to keep pricing stable over the past few years. Our prices for BioScans have not increased in 5 years. We will explain our reasoning for the price increase, changes to BioScans, and the roll out of our new membership program.

Effective January 31, 2023 the price for a la carte BioScans will be $250. Any BioScan purchases between January 2nd to January 31 of 2023, must be used within 30 days of purchase date.

BioScan Membership Program Starting 2024

A la carte BioScans could be phased out entirely in the new program.

This will be replaced with a yearly membership option containing:

  • 4 BioScans
  • 4 BioScan Review Sessions
  • 4 Follow Up Sessions (Phone or In-Person)
  • Detailed & Updated Supplement Schedules
  • Messaging Access with Our Staff via Patient Portal*
  • Faster Results in 2 Weeks or Less
    • (with option to rush to one week for a $50 upcharge)
  • Complimentary Upgrades (Smart Silver Imprints)
  • Free Priority Shipping on Recommended Supplements

More Details:

4 BioScans may be shared amongst your family but, for optimal results, it is recommended that each family member have their own membership.

*While you can message us 24/7, responses will only be available during business hours.

More information will be released as we move closer to the general public membership launch in 2024.

How Do I Get Early Access to the Membership BioScan Program?

You may apply now to be enrolled in our limited introductory membership program for $800. Established clients will receive priority, but everyone is encouraged to apply in the event new slots are opened or available prior to 2024 launch.

Apply Here

Why the membership?

With the surge in demand also comes numerous clients that lack follow through. This takes up time, resources, and energy that could be spent on our clients that are compliant and ready to take action to support their health journey.  Clients that see the best results with BioScans are those that make a continued effort to work towards better health and oftentimes that journey can take a year or longer . Unlike traditional practices that use a bandaid approach, we are not in the business of quick fixes. Some people try to resolve something in a month that has been building up for years. While clients often see improvements quickly, everyone is different. Often results plateau, people get discouraged and quit too soon. Quick fixes are just not sustainable. Make a year commitment to your health and we are confident you will not regret it. Will it be easy? No. Are you guaranteed to be where you want to be a year from now? No, none of us are. However, it is a process which starts with one step and dedication to keep taking them. Health is truly a lifestyle and it requires commitment. Sparrow aims to take that journey with you. Your health is worth it.

Have any thoughts, opinions, or ideas for the new BioScan program?

We would love to hear them! Email us at

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