How the does the COVID-19 Antibody test work?

This test is done by a simple finger prick with results in 15 minutes by testing your blood for IgG and IgM antibodies. These antibody tests are not from China and are different from viral nasal swab tests.Antibody tests are blood tests done on those who have already contracted or believe they have been exposed to the coronavirus and want to see if their body has built antibodies that fight the virus. If you test positive, it means your body has created an immune response. Knowing you've built this immune response can help get you back to life faster.

If you are in the acute stage of infection, day 3 or 4 the antibody test is not for you. If it’s been a couple of weeks or longer since recovering from the infection this is the test for you.

*The viral nasal swab tests are for those who are experiencing coronavirus symptoms and are unsure if they currently have the virus. We do not offer these tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Personal testing is very limited and currently only being offered in Birmingham, Alabama on select dates. Please contact us or check back for more updates. Subscribe to our email list or follow us on social media for announcements of new dates & locations.

The cost for this test is $75. You are encouraged to keep your receipt to present to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Families: You can book up to four appointments in one time slot. However, you will need to book the appointments one at a time so each member of your family receives a form.

Cancellation Policy: Due to the limited supply, demand, and time slots available we will be unable to process a full refund should you not show or cancel. However, should an emergency or a need to cancel occur we will be able to reschedule your appointment to one of our expanded dates.

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