Mental upgrade.

You look after your health, maintain a healthy diet, and exercise regularly. We spend so much time on physical wellness, but what about our cognitive skills? If you’re looking for new ways to sharpen your mind, improve reaction time and boost your performance, we have a perfect solution.

Meet Neuro Training

A ground-breaking cognitive training therapy designed to strengthen cognitive processes and skills.

Reach peak performance

Reach peak performance

In high-performance sports, split-second decisions can either earn you a sweet victory or sour defeat. Thanks to Neuro Training, you can now gain an impressive competitive advantage by improving your peripheral vision, decision making, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination.

Boost mental well-being

Boost mental well-being

A healthier brain is a happier brain. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by day-to-day stress or are struggling with your work-from-home routine, staying mentally active can
help you cope with challenging feelings and enhance your mental resilience.

Maximize your job performance

Maximize your job performance

Different employers look for different qualities, but fast decision-making skills are usually on top of the list. Increase your ability to multitask and make faster decisions under high-pressure environments to boost productivity and excel in your

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How does Neuro Training work?

The concept is pretty simple. We use a state-of-art touchscreen lightboard to run patients through game-based training. Your job is to touch the right lights as they appear on the board. They might flash, turn on randomly and change colors. It’s fun, fast, and effective.

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