Ancestral Minerals


From prehistoric times to the present, people have revered salt, bee pollen, and kelp as sacred foods. Ancestral Minerals is rich in essential and trace minerals from whole food sources that our ancestors enjoyed.

  • Rich in essential trace minerals, electrolytes, adaptogens and antioxidants
  • Supports Optimal Hydration, Athletic Performance, Digestion, and Remineralization

    The suggested use of this supplement is to take 6 capsules per day (even though it technically is food) or as directed by a healthcare professional — for added support, the dose can be doubled. If consuming more than six capsules at once, the doses should be separated by at least three hours to improve tolerability.

    Ancestral Minerals
    Ancient Sea Salt 1650MG
    Wildflower Bee Pollen 1450MG
    Magnesium Glycinate 250MG
    Potassium Chloride 200MG
    Atlantic Kelp 50 MG
    OTHER INGREDIENTS: (Bovine Gelatin) Capsules

    -"Untouched" Ancient Sea Salt
    -Wild Harvested Kelp from Unpolluted Waters
    -100% Raw Wildflower Bee Pollen
    -Absolutely No Fillers (or) Flow Agents
    -Third Party Tested For Purity

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