Good Fight Stories: Stem Cell Therapy for Combat Veterans

While concussions and brain injuries have gained massive notoriety due to the fact that football flashes across our TV screens for most of the year, they go much more underreported and are much more pervasive amongst our combat military personnel. It is estimated that concussions account for nearly 20% of injuries sustained by US military while fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. As our knowledge increases about the additive effects repeat concussion, which can lead to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), we understand just how serious the short and longterm effects of war can be. 

When a bomb goes off, a massive amount of overpressure is released and can cause the same damage to ones brain as any hard hit in football. Combat veterans can experience these blasts on a daily basis, likely leading them to have symptoms classic of CTE; increased fluctuation in emotions, aggression, and memory loss when they return to civilian life. 

Through scientific research and clinical advancement, it is becoming more clear that stem cells can play a huge role in repairing damaged neural tissue in patients with CTE. Stem cells can home in on sites of inflammation and in doing so, can repair damaged tissue and prevent many of the sequelea of damaging autoimmune events. These cells can easily be surgically isolated and returned to patients in a short procedure. 

The Healing Our Heroes project looks to take advantage of the regenerative properties of stem cells and provide autologous stem cell treatments to the men and women who have put their lives on the line for our country. The Healing Our Heroes will collect important data points and benchmarks, analyze and report on its findings. 

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