Good Fight Stories: Meet Tripp



Meet Tripp. A 2 ½-year-old who has Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy. His mom, Kate, is a mom on a mission. She strives to give her son every available opportunity to beat CP and refuses to accept the status quo diagnosis. She contacted Sparrow about non-embryonic stem cell therapy for her precious son.

He is non-verbal at the moment but is cognitively able to understand a lot. Aware that the body is designed to heal itself and there are no guarantees, Kate spent Mother’s Day weekend making sure her son had that opportunity. From the minute we met until she walked out the door, you could see a determination and joy that can only come from the love of a mother. 

Unconcerned about it being the time we celebrate mothers, she was celebrating the opportunity to change the life of the greatest gift she has ever received.

This is what Kate had to say about it:

"This Mother’s Day has been the best! Who wouldn’t say getting to be a part of your son’s stem cell therapy would rank as 'The best gift EVER'! I couldn’t imagine anything I would want to give or receive any more than that, yesterday! #stongerthanstrong #BeatingCP"

Join us in praying for and cheering on Tripp as he truly is #stongerthanstrong.

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